Kwa heri (“Goodbye”) Shelton and Erica; Mambo (“Hello”) Suman

I’m here! In Tanzania.  I arrived last night without any trouble at all.  The flights were on time, getting my visa at the airport was a breeze, and Tilly, the taxi driver sent to get me, was at the airport waiting with a sign.  I’m sorry that I missed Erica and Shelton.  We were actually at the airport at the same time–they were likely checking in as I was going through customs and immigration.  As soon as I walked out of the airport, the feel of the air and the smell (tropical air mixed with something burning and sweat) immediately brought back memories of India. As soon as I got to the apartment, Hilda (our housekeeper/cook/superwoman) was here to greet me.  The apartment is much nicer than I expected.  It’s actually really comfortable here.   And best of all, my first day in Tanzania was spent on the beach!  Since my first day here is a Sunday, we didn’t go into the hospital.  Rather, we spent the day on the beach at Mbudya island, eating grilled fish on the beach and swimming in the clear blue ocean.  To summarize, my introduction to Tanzania has been amazing!


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