The most wet bajaji ride–EVER


This is a quick one.  Just wanted to share that I’ve been in Tanzania now 4 times, totaling about 5 months and today I took that wettest bajaji ride–EVER!

I needed to go back to Slipway for 3 reasons:

– A mission for Shelton to retrieve something he left behind in a shop

– A mission to do more shopping of my own–I do love to shop

– A mission to get ice cream.

These were all legitimate reasons individually but together one big spectacular reason to venture out.  So I waited for the mid day downpour to pass and I had talked to Dee who was at Slipway and said it was all clear on the peninsula (where Slipway is) and I ventured out.

Well, I made it out of the gate of Holiday Homes and it started to drizzle.  And there weren’t taxis outside like typically there are.  And there were 3 policemen outside stopping cars so I was not feeling so confident about getting a method of transportation too quickly.  But not too far into my trek a bajaji stopped.  I said “Slipway, you know?” and he said yes.  Then we bartered for a fare and we settled on a fare that can only be described as highway robbery but it was starting to rain harder so I relented.  And away we went…….mostly in the right direction………to Sea Cliff and not Slipway.

So for those of you who can’t imagine this.  Very close to Holiday Homes is the peninsula where most ex-pats live and where there are a lot on embassies and where most of the restaurants that I go to are located.  So I have a pretty good feel for it but there are a lot of criss-crossing streets to get from one side to the other that I don’t know.  So the driver is heading down the road on the Sea Cliff Hotel side and not the Slipway  side.  I’m thinking he’s going to cross but the rain is now literally pouring down, there are some holes in the floor boards so in deep puddles I got a little wet from below and with passing cars, bajajis and taxis I was getting very wet from the side.  And the guy kept stopping to say “Slipway?” over and over and I was trying to tell him he was in the wrong place.

So we got to Sea Cliff and I said “Hapana (No).”  Then he asked for directions from a Sea Cliff security person which I caught most of the Swahili for and they were correct.  But then we asked for directions a couple of more times before finally getting there. Then he almost drove past, thankfully I knew we were there and stopped him.  Then he tried to get me to pay more than the already way too much fare.  I said, “Hapana, Asante.”  (No, thank you) and took off through the rain.

So it was still raining when I got into the shops but I did complete the first 2 missions while the rain was still pouring down.  By the time it was time for mission #3 the rain stopped and the sun was out and it was like a sauna out there so the timing was perfect!  Wonderful scoops of ice cream!

A little more browsing and I was headed home.  In an enclosed taxi, for less than I paid the bajaji ( but still too much in my opinion).

Happy Saturday!



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