Pole sana Erica and the Paper Airplane Obsession Continues

Hi all

Well, one of Erica’s big goals on this trip was to see a big thunder/lightning storm and she is missing it!  I just got back from Sunday rounds where it was so hot it was like a sauna and sat down at home for a couple of minutes and the skies literally opened up and buckets of water started falling.  Then the thunder and lightning came.  That went on for about 10 minutes and now it’s just raining hard again but not buckets.

Pretty soon the sun will probably come out again and all of this rain will make a nice outdoor sauna of drenching heat!  This morning a little drizzle of rain created a sauna so I can only imagine what will happen after this!  Maybe the rain will just continue.

Maybe it’s raining on the safari too, but I hope not, the animals don’t like to come out in the rain.

Anyway, I went in to round with Dr. Laiti this morning and do some teaching if the occasion arose.  I got totally ripped off by the bajaji driver but it was Sunday so there weren’t choices and I didn’t really want to walk through the hot sun.  Things were pretty calm.

We have just a ton of kids with ALL on the ward and then a bunch of kids with suspected leukemia who are in a holding pattern.  The local machine for flow cytometry is broken or not working so we can’t get any preliminary report while waiting on the Ireland back-up so we are just waiting.  We are also waiting on exemptions so hematology can write official reports on peripheral smears but we don’t base treatment off of those.  All of the kids on oncology get cost waived for labs, imaging and other testing but rather than just putting one global exemption on the chart, every order needs to go for approval and no one approves on the weekend.  We are also waiting on CT reads for a few kids and although they print out a couple of cuts for us they usually aren’t all the cuts I would need to make any real impression so we are waiting for Monday for those as well.

The paper airplane squadron commanded by Henry continues to grow.  His airplanes were soggy again so he bummed paper off of me to make a new one and then more for “rafiki mbili” (his 2 friends).  After rounds we did an improptu Swahili/English lesson with all of the paintings on the ward.  I did pretty well except I’m not at all sure what bird actually is.  Some birds were denga, some were tenga and some were mdodo.  It seems the denga/tenga word means flying bird but I’m not totally sure, we were doing a lot of miming and signing.  The parents were laughing at me so I’m not sure what he had me saying.

I was completely unsuccessful at getting pictures off of my phone and onto the computer with the cable so hope to have some pics for you once Shelton and Erica are back from safari and can help me.

The rain is stopping, the sky is clearing again, let the sauna begin!


Oh, ps. I think we may have a guest blogger this week.  I think Dee may write in and give you her impression of all of  us Portland doctors.  All of you fellows out there, Dee says Hi!


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