First full day!

So my first full day with the nurses here was definitely interesting. I have to say though I’m impressed that because there is no pharmacy to calculate concentrations of anything and they draw up all the antibiotics, chemo, pretty much anything that is given IV. They calculate drips too which I’m going to get a crash course in tomorrow because I can’t say that I’ve done that since nursing school! It’s very different in that each nurse doesn’t have their own patients, they have different roles for all the patients. So the first nurse I spent part of the morning with had the role of being the rounding nurse. He went around with a rounding book that he took notes in about the plan for the patient. He unfortunately though kept getting called away to do other things so it made following along with rounds hard. I can remember now why we have reverted to a computer system! All the papers on different patients that didn’t seem to have an order that I at least understood yet were giving me a little anxiety. The next nurse I spent time with was the medication nurse, mostly antibiotics. She would draw up all the antibiotics and start going around to rooms, sometimes the patients weren’t in there and were out roaming around so we went on missions to find them. Around 3 pm her shift ended and another came on who was the afternoon rounding nurse who’s role was similar to the AM nurse but a lot less papers! It was mostly for her to know any new orders to get done, things that were maybe missed from the morning, and if there were new patients. She took me down to the basement where all the chemo is stored (I also found the cockroach graveyard) and we even took the elevator which is something Sue has suggested against doing as they get stuck a lot : /

We had some down time in the early afternoon that we chatted about some things they would be interested in learning more about- there was a lot of questions about ALL protocols and chemotherapy safety/side effects so those were things I was definitely going work on teaching. At least one also seemed interested in learning how to better do a physical assessment so that would be good too. I didn’t get to spend time with the cannulation nurse (places all the IV’s) or the chemo nurse at least today and there’s also a vitals nurse but I’m not sure exactly what that entails yet since the momma’s take the temperatures on the kids but I’ll probably find out more tomorrow. It was nice to still be able to spend some time with Shelton and Sue during rounds too!

On a total side note, Hilda, the wonderful housekeeper definitely laughed hard this morning when I asked her when it was going to rain. She asked me if it doesn’t rain where I live very much and I told her it actually rained a lot I just wanted to hear a thunderstorm at some point 🙂 She felt pretty certain I would before we left.

Good night everyone!


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