Jet lag setting in…

I realized I’m the only person who hasn’t posted since we got here! I feel like the jet lag is finally starting to kick in though and my brain isn’t making much sense so I don’t know how great this update will be… So the long flight I was worried about (I’m really usually horrible about sitting still for so long so I was worried) was really not that bad! I should say that on the way to the airport I got a frantic call from Sue saying that there was a chance she might not make her flight due to delays and that me and Shelton might be on our own when we get into Dar. I wrote down all the instructions she gave me on the back of a receipt that I found in the car that I’ll try to attach here somehow because it really doesn’t look like we would’ve gotten very far with it. I can say this all now and didn’t share it with my mom when I talked to her at the airport (no point worrying you mom). Ultimately we would’ve been fine with the Holiday Inn back-up plan. Shelton told me he’s glad I’m the responsible one of the two of us which I don’t think many people have told me before on trips mainly because I have a horrible sense of direction. We had like 40 minutes before take off so we decided to get a beer and by the time we started towards the gate, it was totally empty and they were waiting for us! Eeeek!!! I think it worked out in our favor because we were told two seats to sit in that were closer to each other and it was definitely an upgrade because we each had our own row to ourselves! Like Shelton said, I made him play trivia for several hours, which I can’t say I’m very good at (especially ones about movies and actors). I don’t remember any of the questions right now so I obviously didn’t learn much from it either but it was fun and killed time.

Yesterday and today are both holidays here and according to Sue and Dee (our great contact person here) everything is very quiet and the streets are practically empty. I’m curious as to what it looks like tomorrow. Since it was holiday yesterday, we went out to the shops for a bit! And I’m very proud to say I didn’t buy anything…yet 🙂

Today, Dee gave us the tour of the hospital and the grounds. The murals on the walls were beautiful (some really strange and we’ll have to post some examples at some point) but overall mostly so colorfully painted with safari animals. It’s definitely warm…or hot…I’m not really sure which one. It’s really only uncomfortable during the process of starting to sweat and I found that once you’re just full-blown sweaty, you kinda just forget about it or you get cooler somehow or maybe it just doesn’t matter at that point. When we got to the ward, we slowly developed a posse (spelling?) of really adorable children following us around that continued to grow. The first one I saw gave both me and Shelton a hug and I knew for sure at that point that these kids were for sure going to steal my heart.

And now I think I might need a nap…


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